Carbon dioxide laser cutting machine

Carbon dioxide laser is a gas molecular laser, the working substance is CO2 gas, auxiliary gases include nitrogen, helium, xenon and hydrogen, etc. As the energy conversion efficiency of this kind of laser is up to 25%, it is often used as a laser with high power output. The wavelength of carbon dioxide laser is 10.6 microns, which is impossible to see infrared light, and has good stability, so it is widely used.

1. Working principle and characteristics

The discharge tube of the CO2 laser is filled with CO2, N2, He and other mixed gases, and their ratio and total pressure can be changed within a certain range (generally: CO2: N2: He=1:0.5:2.5 total pressure is 1066.58pa). Any molecule has three different forms of motion, one is the motion of the electrons in the molecule, which determines the energy state of the electrons, the other is the vibration of the atoms in the molecule, which determines the vibrational energy state of the molecule, the third is the rotation of the molecule, which determines the rotational energy state of the molecule, CO2 laser is generated by the vibration of CO2 molecules and the transition between the rotational energy levels

2 Suitable materials

Wood products, paper, leather, cloth, plexiglass, epoxy resin, acrylic, wool, plastic, rubber, ceramic tile, crystal, jade, bamboo products and other non-metallic materials.

High-powered carbon dioxide lasers can also cut through metal materials.

3 Applicable Industries

This type of machine is suitable for clothing, leather, cloth toys, computer embroidery tailoring, electronic appliances, models, crafts, advertising decoration, packaging printing, paper products and other industries.

Post time: Mar-10-2023