Engraving machine spindle is a kind of high-speed processing spindle, which is widely used in some small and medium-sized engraving machine equipment, mainly can be used for high-speed engraving, drilling and milling, drilling, etc., involving a wide range of industries. Engraving machine spindle is the relatively accurate name of the industry, because of local differences so may not be quite the same, some places referred to as high-speed spindle, some places referred to as engraving machine with spindle, some places called engraving mechanical and electrical spindle and so on are actually the same.

1. Whether the spindle motor uses high-precision bearings, if not, the performance is that the spindle motor overheats after high-speed rotation for a long time, which affects the service life of the spindle motor. 2, different speed rotation, especially high-speed rotation, whether the sound is uniform and harmonious. 3, whether the radial spindle force. The main reference is whether high speed cutting texture of hard materials. Some spindles can only cut hard materials at a very low speed, otherwise the spindle performance will be seriously lost, after a period of time affect the spindle accuracy, or even failure. 4, if you want to pursue high processing efficiency, processing should be fast, at the same time the amount of cutting and large, such as processing solid wood materials, you need more than 2.2KW power spindle motor. 5. The spindle standard configuration of engraving equipment has different configurations according to the specifications of the equipment.

Post time: Sep-17-2021