The utilization rate of laser cutting equipment in the manufacturing industry is still increasing, mainly the high-tech industry and high-end manufacturing industry are the development direction of our industrial transformation. With the increasing investment in science and technology, China’s high-end technology industry enters a period of rapid development.

The laser has been called “the fastest knife”, “the most accurate ruler” and “the strangest light”. Laser has super energy density, technology, laser can cut hard and soft materials.
What are the highlights of laser cutting equipment?亚克力

1, high precision flight light path design (high cutting accuracy, good slit quality. Small slit, almost no loss of material);

2, automatic feeding device (save time cost, save time cost, no manual operation, more efficient);

3, CCD automatic positioning (CCD search target, can be large and small pieces of 3um precision positioning);

4, high stable output laser generator (imported light source precision optical design, no contact processing, fine spot, high cutting accuracy and good effect);

5, the section without carbonization (laser pulse width is small, the carbonization range is very small, the basic vision without carbonization phenomenon);

6, cutting, drilling effect (processing using single pulse energy, high frequency processing, processing surface is more fine and smooth);8f0cb8ddfc8dc336c7d5c6613c40fd7

At present, laser cutting is widely used in the production equipment and high-end equipment manufacturing process, to ensure the quality of equipment production, improve production accuracy and reduce production risk has an important role.
Laser cutting applications continue to expand, the domestic laser cutting competition pattern is dispersed, the future with the expansion of downstream application fields, downstream demand increases, laser cutting equipment output will continue to grow. In addition, the country vigorously promotes the development of intelligent manufacturing, traditional manufacturing gradually to intelligent high-end manufacturing transformation, laser cutting and intelligent manufacturing more in-depth combination will also be the future development trend, will also be the driving force to promote the development of laser cutting industry.

Post time: Oct-17-2022