The use of CO2 laser cutting machine is very wide, so you can freely creative. SY laser cutting machine can meet a wide range of needs of makers, amateurs and business operators, including simple machine concept design, packaging materials and MEDALS and trophies, because of its versatility, high processing speed and high precision.

 Laser machine can cut materials including wood, paper, plastic, fabric, foam and so on, and the cutting precision and speed is much higher than other types of cutting technology, which makes the laser machine has a significant advantage. The SY Laser system is designed to be as easy to operate as a paper printer. You can create designs in a graphics processing software program and print them directly on a laser cutter.

SY's  high speed CO2 laser is available in a variety of configurations to meet your budget and application processing needs.

Laser source: CO2 laser machine, 30-120 watts

Work area: 16" x 12" (406 x 305 mm) to 40" x 28" (1016 x 711 mm)

Maximum material thickness: 4.5" (114 mm) to 13.25" (336 mm)

CO2 laser cutting machine can cut the following materials:

Solid wood


Density board and plywood

The cardboard

Paper/card paper


Foam (polymer type)

Organic fabric/polyester


And lots of other stuff!

Post time: Oct-25-2021