Co2 laser machine is the most widely used in the current market and industry sales of a kind of equipment, SYa CNC equipment technology closely followed the forefront of the production of cutting equipment for industrial production – CO2 laser cutting machine, cutting width from 600*400-2000*6000mm, all the company’s production equipment model support customization, Laser tube from 60W-300W optional brand and power, processing speed 0-60000mm/min. Adjust machine assembly according to customer requirements. The world’s first CO2 laser cutting machine was born in the 1970s. For more than 30 years, due to the continuous expansion of the application field,CO2 laser cutting machine continues to improve, there are many international and domestic enterprises engaged in the production of a variety of CO2 laser cutting machine to meet the needs of the market, there are two-dimensional flat cutting machine, three-dimensional space curve cutting machine, pipe cutting machine, etc.. Although the development trend of laser cutting is faster, the application level is larger than that of developed countries. Applicable industry: Suitable for CO2 laser cutting machine is mainly for special parts evenly cut, advertising, decoration and other service industry with the thickness less than 3 mm stainless steel and nonmetal material thickness less than 20 mm, another is cutting contour complex but a small amount of workpiece processing, used to save the cost and cycle of mold manufacturing.

Post time: Dec-14-2021