Deep CNC is focusing on research, and has withdrawn from the vibration knife cutting machine, flexible cutting some process products, such as cartons, plastic, leather and so on.

Vibration cutter is currently on the flexible material cutting process with a processing equipment, widely used and high frequency vibration cutting blade, with high accuracy, fast cutting speed, not limited to, the limitation of cutting pattern, can automatic up-down material, intelligent layout, incision smooth processing cost low characteristic, gradually improve or replace the traditional flexible cutting process equipment.

1. Characteristics of vibration knife

Over-cutting optimization function: the CAM software developed by ourselves is used to systematically optimize the physical over-cutting phenomenon of the tool, restore the contour of the graph to a large extent, and bring the customer satisfactory cutting effect.

 Intelligent countertop compensation function: the flatness of countertop is detected by high-precision distance detector, and the plane is corrected in real time by software to ensure high quality cutting effect.

 Positive and negative cutting function: combined with the table detection function to achieve intelligent positive and negative graphic cutting function. Multi – task efficient cycle cutting, can be added with adsorption more along.

2. The use of vibration knife cutting machine

In the production and processing of automotive interior products, vibration knife can be effective and efficient cutting for different models of products. It is suitable for car floor mat, tailbox mat, leather cover, seat cover, cushion and other materials, which greatly increase the efficiency of work and reduce labor cost. 2. For advertising/packaging industry, it can quickly locate and identify, automatically find edge cutting, greatly reduce the workload of operators. Suitable for KT board, sheaf board, adhesive, corrugated honeycomb board and other materials cutting production.

 For brand clothing, high-end custom clothing cutting, research and development of high-power cutting head. Fast cutting speed. There is no silk drawing in cutting cloth. Special clothing blade, more flexible corner.

Post time: Sep-29-2021