SYa CNC engraving machine technology,In numerical control machine tools, electric spindle usually adopts frequency conversion speed regulation method. There are three main control methods: common frequency conversion drive and control, vector control drive and control and direct torque control. Common frequency conversion for scalar drive and control, its drive control characteristics for constant torque drive, output power and speed is proportional to. The dynamic performance of common frequency conversion control is not ideal, the control performance is not good at low speed, the output power is not stable, and it does not have the function of C axis. But the price is cheap, simple structure, generally used for grinding machines and ordinary high-speed milling machines. Vector control technology imitates the control of DC motor, is oriented by rotor magnetic field, and is driven and controlled by vector transformation method, which has good dynamic performance. The vector control driver has a large torque value when it is just started. In addition, the motorized spindle itself has a simple structure and very small inertia, so the starting acceleration is large. It can achieve the instantaneous allowable limit speed after starting. This actuator is available in open loop and closed loop, the latter can achieve position and speed feedback, not only has better dynamic performance, but also can achieve c-axis function; The former has less dynamic performance and does not have c-axis function, but it is cheaper. Direct torque control is developed after the field-oriented control technology is a new type of high performance ac speed regulation technology, the control idea is novel, the system structure is simple, clear, more suitable for high speed motorized spindle drive, more can satisfy the high speed motorized spindle high speed, wide speed range, must stop at the moment of high speed dynamic characteristics and the requirements of the static characteristic, It has become a hot technology in ac drive field. Scope of application: Granite, marble, bluestone, sandstone and other stone carving Hard stone such as granite can be carved in layers up to 5mm Marble, bluestone can be carved to 5mm at a time

Post time: Nov-22-2021