1, step drive + step motor

Stepping system is the most popular driving system on the market at present, the most popular is three-phase hybrid stepping motor, accounting for more than 90% of the market share, the reason is cheap, with the resay high subdivision drive after good results. But the defects are also more obvious, such as: resonance, noise, speed increase torque reduction, long time work easy to lose step, motor temperature rise too high.

2. Hybrid servo driver + motor

The use of hybrid servo in China has not been popular, there are many reasons, foreign manufacturers do hybrid servo is not many, and the price compared with ac servo does not have a very big advantage, can only be used in some special industries. Improvements include: improving high-speed performance, reducing heat, reducing resonance.

3, AC servo driver + AC servo motor

Ac servo in the use of engraving machine or less, the main reason is that the price is higher, and the application of ac servo for the structure of machine tools, electrical equipment, control system, drive system has certain requirements, like barrel principle, the board decided the shortest bucket of water, because of some ac servo is generally applied to high-end models. Ac servo has: fast response, high torque, high speed, high precision, less heat, long time work, complete alarm system, etc. Disadvantages: different equipment to use different servo parameters, adjust the parameters require high-level technical engineers.

Alarm failure

Over-range alarm indicates that the machine has reached the limit position during operation. Please check according to the following steps:

Whether the size of the design is beyond the processing range.

Check whether the connection line between the motor shaft and the screw is loose. If so, tighten the screw.

The machine is properly grounded to the computer.

Whether the current coordinate value exceeds the soft limit value range.

Alarm and disarm

When over distance, all motion axes are automatically set in the inching state. As long as the manual arrow key is pressed all the time, the connection motion state will be restored at any time when the machine leaves the limit position (i.e. the switch of over distance point).

When moving the workbench, pay attention to the direction of movement, must be away from the limit position.

Soft limit alarm should set XYZ to zero in coordinate setting

Non-alarm fault

1. If the precision of repeated processing is not enough, check according to item 2 of article 1.

2, the computer runs, the machine does not move, check the computer control card and electrical box connection head is loose, if so, plug tightly, and tighten the screw.

3, the machine can not find the signal when returning to the origin of the machine, according to the second inspection. Mechanical origin proximity switch failure.

The output fault

1. No output, please check whether the computer and the control box are connected.

2. Open the Settings of engraving manager to check whether the space is full, and delete unnecessary files in the manager.

3. Whether the signal cable connection is loose, carefully check whether each line is connected.

Carving fault

1. Whether the screws in each part are loose.

2. Check whether the processing path is correct.

3. Whether the file is too large to cause computer processing errors.

4. Increase or decrease the spindle speed to adapt to different materials (generally 8000-24000)

5, loosen the knife chuck, turn the knife to the direction of clamping, put the knife, so as not to carve the object is not smooth.

6, check whether the knife is damaged, replace the new knife, re-carving.

Post time: Jul-31-2021