Factors affecting the cutting quality of laser cutting machine

1, beam characteristics: laser cutting incision width and focusing spot diameter has a greater relationship. Because the power density and energy density of laser irradiation are related to the laser spot diameter, in order to obtain a larger power density and energy scale, in the laser cutting process, the spot diameter is required to be as small as possible.

2, laser power: the size of the laser power directly affects the thickness of the cutting steel plate, the higher the power, the thicker the thickness of the cutting material. In addition, it also affects the workpiece size accuracy, the width of the slot, the roughness of the cutting surface and the width of the heat affected zone.

3, cutting speed: cutting speed has a great impact on the cutting quality, the appropriate cutting speed will make the cutting surface smooth and the lower part of the slag production. Cutting speed too fast, will lead to the material can not cut through, cause sparks flying, the lower half of the slag, even burn the lens. Cutting speed is too slow, it is easy to cause material melting, cutting seam widens, heat affected zone increases, and even cause workpiece melting.

4, nozzle: nozzle aperture, nozzle light mouth distance from the surface of the material, will affect the effect of cutting.

5. Focus position: the focus position directly affects the width of the incision, the roughness of the section and the adhesion of the waste residue. The beam diameter and focal depth on the surface of the processed material are different when the focal position is different, which leads to the change of the shape of the slits and affects the flow of the processed gas and molten metal in the cross section.

6, auxiliary gas: material cutting need to use auxiliary gas, mainly gas pressure and gas type, both will affect the roughness of the cutting section and the generation of slag.

There are many factors affecting the cutting quality of laser cutting machine, fully understand the various factors in the cutting process of laser cutting machine, can find a way to improve the processing material surface quality, improve the processing surface quality.

Post time: Jul-13-2021